Lab Alumni

王家乾 Jiaqian WANG

Position: Ph.D Candidate at Peng Cheng Laboratory - Sun Yat-Sen University (鹏城实验室-中山大学联合培养)

Education:  Ph.D Candidate at Peng Cheng Laboratory - Sun Yat-Sen University, 2022 till now

M.Eng at South China Normal University, 2018-2021

Specialties: Deep Learning

Field: Computer Generated Holographic Imaging

Projects: Computer Generated Holographic Imaging

田引黎 Yinli TIAN

Current: Chongqing University of Technology

Education: Ph.D, Chongqing University, Circuit and System, 2016-2022

Specialties: Deep Learning

Field: Medical Image Segmentation

Projects: Segmentation of Organ-at-risk in Cervical Cancer Based on Deep Learning

乐美琰 Meiyan YUE

Current: Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., LTD (联影医疗)

Education: M.Eng. student at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Control engineering, 2019-2022

B.Eng. Shenzhen University, Biomedical engineering, 2015-2019

Specialties: Deep learning, segmentation, generation, registration, domain adaptation

Field: Medical image processing - radiotherapy

Projects: Deep learning-based radiotherapy plan (multimodal segmentation, radiotherapy plan generation)

姚孔轩 Kongxuan YAO

Current: Shopee(Shenzhen)

Education: B.Eng. at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Data Science and Big Data Technology, 2018-2022

Specialties: Database, Flow Calculation

Field: Big Data Technology, Database, Flow calculation

Projects: Design and Development of Medical Image Cloud Platform Based on HDFS

项雯昕 Wenxin XIANG

Current: Ph.D Candidate at Tsinghua University(清华大学), Biomedical Engineering

Education: Ph.D Candidate at Tsinghua University, Biomedical Engineering, 2022 till now;

B.Eng. at Northeastern University, Biomedical Engineering, 2018-2022

Specialties: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Epidemiology

Field: Environmental Health, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Projects: Effects of Heat Stress on Brain Structure and Cognition

李奕昕 Yixin LI

Current: Ph.D Candidate at Fudan University(复旦大学)

Education: Ph.D Candidate at Fudan University, 2022 till now;

B.Eng. at Northeastern University, Biomedical Engineering, 2018-2022

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence

Field: Microscopy Imaging, Artificial Intelligence

Projects: Two-photon Microscopy Denoising

吴欣然 Xinran WU

Position: Ph.D Candidate at Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Fudan University(复旦大学类脑人工智能科学与技术研究院)

Education: Ph.D Candidate at Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Fudan University, 2022 till now

B.Eng. at Northeastern University, Biomedical Engineering, 2018-2022

Specialties: Image Segmentation

Field: Medical Imagining

Projects: Organ at Risk Segmentation for Cervical Cancer in CT Images Based on 3D Deep Learning

郭英杰 Yingjie GUO

Position: M.Eng. Student at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(华中科技大学)

Education: M.Eng. Student at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2022-2025
B.Eng. at Northeastern University, Biomedical Engineering, 2018-2022

Specialties: Pattern Recognition

Field: Medical Image Segmentation

Projects: 3D CTA Intracranial Aneurysm Segmentation Based on Deep Learning

周宇翔 Yuxiang ZHOU

Current: MRes. at University College London(伦敦大学学院), Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Education: MRes. at University College London, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, 2021 till now

B.Eng. at Northeastern University, Biomedical Engineering, 2017-2021

Specialties: Data Structure, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing

Field: Medical Image Segmentation

Projects: Placental Vessel Segmentation and Registration from Fetoscopy Images

赵文璞 Wenpu ZHAO

Current: M.Eng. Student at Xi'an Jiaotong University(西安交通大学), Biomedical Engineering

Education: M.Eng. Student at Xi'an Jiaotong University, Biomedical Engineering, 2021-2024;

B.Eng. at Northeastern University, Biomedical Engineering, 2017-2021

Specialties: Attention Detection, Deep Learning

Field: Medical Imaging, Brain Attention

Projects: Pay Attention to Transient Dislocation, Pay Sttention to Blindness

王伯模 Bomo WANG

Current: Jiankang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd(见康智能), Development Manager

Education: B.Eng at Central South University, Computer Science and Technology, 2005-2009

Specialties: Computer Science and Technology

Field: Software Development

Projects: Flow Cytometry

霍佳琪 Jiaqi HUO

Current: Zoomlion (中联重科), Big Data Implementation Engineer

Education: M.Eng. at Wuhan University of Technology, Applied Statistics, 2019-2022;

B.Eng. at North University of China, Applied Statistics, 2014-2018

Specialties: Deep Learning, Statistical Analysis

Field: Radiomics Analysis, Medical Image Analysis

Projects: Deep Transfer Learning for COVID-19 Severity Classification

宋立明 Liming SONG

Position: Ph.D Candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University(香港理工大学) 

Education: Ph.D Candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2022-2025

M.Eng. at Hebei University of Technology, Biomedical Engineering, 2018-2021;

B.Eng. at Weifang Medical University, Biomedical Engineering, 2014-2018

Specialties: Medical Image Analysis

Field: Medical Physics, Radiography

Projects: Radiography Enhancement

朱思航 Sihang ZHU

Current: M.Eng student at University of Science and Technology of China(中国科技大学)

Education: M.Eng. at University of Science and Technology of China, Software Engineering, 2019-2022;

B.Eng. at Huaqiao University, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, 2015-2019

Specialties: Pose Estimation, Object Detection

Field: Pose Estimation, Object Detection

Projects: Pose Estimation

曾志鸿 Zhihong ZENG

Position: Ph.D Candidate at Chongqing University (重庆大学), Information and Communication Engineering

Education: Ph.D Candidate at Chongqing University, Information and Communication Engineering, 2020 till now

Specialties: Image Processing

Field: Salient Object Detection

Projects: Salient Object Detction Based on Multi-modal Fusion

桂光超 Guangchao GUI

Current: Guangzhou Institute of Advanced Technology (广州先进技术研究院), Assistant Engineer

Education: MSc at University of Birmingham(英国伯明翰大学), MORSE, 2018;

B.Eng. at Hunan University, Applied Math, 2009-2014

Specialties: Statistical Learning, Data Mining

Field: Statistical Learning

Projects: Robot Gripping Based on 3D Vision

刘磊 Lei LIU

Current: RainMed Medical (润迈德医疗), Senior Image Algorithm Engineer

Education: M.Eng. at ChongQing University of Technology, 2013-2016
B.Eng. at Ocean University of China Qingdao College 2009-2013

Specialties: Deep Learning, Medical Image Segmentation and Classification

Field: Medical Image Processing, Radiomics Analysis

Projects: Tumor Segmentation, Coronary Segmentation